What are indoor signs?

Indoor signs, also referred to as lobby signs, interior signs or in-store signs can serve several functions. They can be used to advertise, inform, direct, identify, warn or comply.

  • Advertise: in-store advertising involves the placement of eye-catching displays promoting a specific product. This is done in visible locations in a store, for instance at the end of aisles or at the check-out counter also known as Point-of-Purchase (POP) displays. The inventions of modern vinyls and digital fabric printing have expanded the options available for indoor advertising with new products such as floor graphics, (perforated) window graphics and wallcoverings. Full wallcoverings are blurring the distinction between advertising and decorating a store from a sign manufacturing perspective.
  • Inform: signs can be used to convey information about services and facilities. Examples are building maps and directories.
    • Direct: sign posts and directional arrows are examples of the use of signs to direct people to specific locations.
  • Identify: signs can be used to indicate services and facilities. Room numbers, room names, restroom signs and ADA signs are examples.
  • Warn: signs can also be used to provide warnings and safety information. Examples of this use include exit signs, warning signs and safety instructions.
  • Comply: regulatory requirements often involve the use of signs to communicate rules and regulations.

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Presidio Signs offers indoor signs for all of the above functions, from design to manufacturing. We are happy to help select the best materials, colors and finishes to achieve the intended purpose. Many of our signs can be sourced from a number of wholesale suppliers, or made to order to meet your exact specifications for instance to create a unique sign experience. For ADA solutions, we assist our customers to ensure that the final products comply with California ADA requirements (ADA=Americans with Disabilities Act).