Outdoor signs come in many forms and sizes. They can be free-standing or attached, temporary or permanent, illuminated or non-lit, etc. It is important to keep the purpose and the required economic lifetime of the sign in mind as it determines for instance the type of material to be used. At Presidio Signs we can advise you on the best sign for your application and provide you with quality and price options. From an economic option where cost is more important than longevity, to an industry standard option where cost and quality are optimized, and a performance option where the latest technologies and materials can produce stunning results that make you stand out from your competitors.

Some examples of Outdoor Signs are listed below. For several examples a more detailed description is provided. The others should be self-explanatory.

Window Lettering and Graphics

Including Perforated Graphics

Window lettering is done by cutting letters from vinyl and attaching these to a window. Each color needs to be applied individually, which limits the available colors and makes the use of more than two colors somewhat impractical. Window Graphics are digitally printed on vinyl in any colors you like and attached to cover part or all of a window area. By using perforated vinyl, your staff inside can still see through the window+graphic, whereas an outside viewer sees just the graphic on display.

Raceway Signs

Channel letters may be flush mounted (attached directly to the building facade), or they may be mounted on a raceway, which contains electrical components and wiring.

Channel Letters

A channel letter is a three-dimensional graphic sign element. It usually consists of 3 to 6 inch deep letters made from aluminum sheet covered by a translucent face plate. When illuminated at night, channel letters draw the eyes of passers-by.

Dimensional or 3D Lettering

A distinction between dimensional letters and channel letters is that dimensional letters are typically not illuminated. They are router cut or injection molded as opposed to sheet-metal assembled. Dimensional lettering is a great option for interior and exterior signs, and is an excellent choice to prominently advertise your business.

Sandblasted and CNC Routed Signs

Sandblasted style signage is produced from a solid, thick sheet of sign substrate or sign blank. Substrate choices include Wood, Foam, HDU, PVC, Glass, Stone, Tile, Marble, Metal, Vinyl, MDO and MDF. The sign blank is masked with a computer plotted rubber sandblast stencil. The exposed sign blank area is then sandblasted down in your choice of sandblast texture, which leaves the rubber mask protected graphics embossed up. The blast stencil is removed, and the sign blank is then primed and hand painted. CNC routed signs are produced from the same solid, thick sheet of sign substrate. The sign material is primed and painted in its final background color. The sign blank is then cnc v-carved down into the sign blank, which embosses the graphics down.

  • Message Signs with Changeable Lettering
  • Electronic Messaging Centers (EMC’s)
  • Banners and Flags (Custom Event Messages)
  • Yard Signs and Job Signs (Contractor Signs)
  • Lawn Signs
  • Corrugated Plastic Signs (Political Signs)